Mikael Svensson

Regional variation in health care use

In this project we assess the causes for the large regional variations in health care use in Sweden. We use regional migration data to assess how movers adapt when migrating from a "low-use" to a "high-use" region (and vice versa).

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Swedish Research Council



Naimi Johansson

Niklas Jakobsson

Simona Gamba

Cost-Effective Treatments for Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD)

In a number of RCTs we are assessing the cost-effectiveness of PAD treatments, and with a particular focus on patient heterogeneity.

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The Kamprad Family Foundation



Joakim Nordanstig, MD, PhD

Mårten Falkenberg, MD, PhD

Henrik Djerf, MD

Frida Labori, MSC


Apart from the two projects I lead as a PI I am involved in a large number of projects as lead health economist, including e.g.

  • pragmatic trials on interventions for mild to moderately depressed patients,

  • cost-effectiveness studies on stroke prevention,

  • methodological research on stated preference methods,